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I've got eyes and life experience so yeah, I believe Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship. I'm actually intoxicated by them, and this is the place where I express my frustration. Expect me to be shamelessly fangirly, shamelessly overanalyzing, shamelessly moody and shamelessly paranoid. This is the effect this drug has on me. Cheers.
Oh, almost forgot, feel free to hit my ask. It takes me years to answer, and my attempts at socialization are a bit clumsy. I'm verbose and a tad confusing, and sometimes I come off as a total asshole, which by the way it's very close to who I really am, but I always like to have a chat and I always try my best at being aggressively nice and brutally honest. Larry blog with chances of 1D. Edits

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"Saying I think Eleanor is a beard is not an insult to her." you are literally the most idiotic person on this website. how are you a functioning adult? you have no grasp on reality. get out of your bubble.


Beard is a job title; a role that she specifically applied and was hired for and is carrying out on a professional level. Beard is understanding that hiding sexuality is common practice in the entertainment industry. Beard is scheduled public appearances in return for a wage. Beard is hoping she’s paid enough to compensate for having to put her life on hold for 2+ years.

Beard is not an indication she just couldn’t get Louis to love her enough to want to be with her, or that Louis is cheating on her with Harry. Beard is not the same as calling her an escort, or a reflection of her intelligence, or her physical appearance or personality. Beard is not wishing violence, pain or unpleasantness upon her, it is not sending hate to her or the people who believe her relationship is real.

Beard is the reality of this situation.

You’ll see this eventually.



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Zayn favorited this tweet today (07/02/2014)He misses his boys :’)(x)


Zayn favorited this tweet today (07/02/2014)
He misses his boys :’)

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